Math Gets Competitive

Math Group

Math Group

On November 10th, McDonogh #32 and Eisenhower students attended a city-wide annual math competition held at S. J. Green Charter School. Students were chosen based on their academic performance and leadership skills. The fourth and fifth grade students competed in individual, team and group math challenges. 

Students were both nervous and excited as they ventured into each challenge. 4th grade student, Elijah Davis, was in the top ten for individual performance and held the highest score in the competition for an open enrollment school. 

Eisenhower Students included 4th grade – Kevin Tran, Brooke Hobbs, Lathan Welch and 5th grade – Kyllan Oakley, Shane Fleming and Frank Stemley.

McDonogh #32 Students included 4th grade – Elijah Davis, Destinee Manuel, Rashad Riley and 5th grade – Brandon Harris, Erineshia Carey, and Mark Williamson.

Congratulations to all Algiers Charter competitors!