Why is Iceland Green and Greenland Icy?

Mr. Greg Beuerman, Consul of Iceland, visited Eisenhower’s third grade students on Wednesday, September 9th. The students prepared questions for the visiting expert, including the popular geographical question, “Why is Iceland Green and Greenland Icy?” Mr. Beuerman took the time to explain how warm water currents come up from the United States to keep Iceland warm, and green, for most of the year.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies, has named each classroom with a different country. Ms. Pierre’s third grade classroom adopted Iceland, where fun facts about the country can been seen around the room. During Mr. Beuerman’s presentation, he reinforced the knowlege Ms. Pierre has already instilled, but also introduced facts that made students squirm, laugh, and go wide-eyed:

  • Icelandic people eat puffin, sheep, pickled shark, and reindeer.
  • Boys and girls in the same family have different last names.
  • Iceland grows an inch every year due to the ground shifting, which also means lots of earthquakes and volcanoes.

There are currently 59 Consul members from around the world residing in New Orleans. Mr. Beuerman stated he cannot wait until their next meeting so he can suggest they visit their country’s classroom at Eisenhower.