Blended Learning & Online Programs

Blended learning

Eisenhower incorporates blended learning, also referred to as personalized learning, into every classroom. This philosophy allows students to learn at their own pace while building soft skills in students and teachers. Students receive personalized lessons based on their skill level.

Eisenhower uses progress monitoring and diagnostic incentives to encourage student engagement. We are using the rotation model of blended learning that involves one class of students rotating from the classroom to the computer lab while another remain in the class. This model also allows staff to use mobile carts to move chromebooks in and out of classrooms while utilizing small groups.

Teaches receive approximately 150  hours of professional development each school year to aid in data interpretation and lesson alignment. Because the lessons are adaptive, students receive just the right amount of rigor in lessons as they move forward. Teachers can view data in real time and make necessary adjustments as needed. Blended Learning allow parents to track students’ progress throughout the year, not just on report card day.

Blended learning allows for differentiating instruction for students, both in terms of the level of content and the delivery. It fills skill gaps that cannot necessarily be taught by the classroom teacher. Blended Learning gives teachers more flexibility with small groups, and more 1-on-1 interventions are available for students.

iStation allows Pre-K through 12th grade students the opportunity to embark on interactive reading adventures. Students have fun while Bossy R, the Oddballs, Paige Turner, and Justin Time guide them through explicit, direct, and systematic research-based content that identifies and adapts to students’ individual needs. 



Dreambox– Highest-quality, research-based K-8 math lessons empower students to master key math concepts. With the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox individually tailors every math lesson and ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone.