A Message from Your Admin Team

Letter to Eisenhower Family in Spanish 

Letter to Eisenhower Family in Arabic 

An Open Letter to our Eisenhower Family:

Your Eisenhower Administrative Team welcomes you to a new year filled with infinite new possibilities!  Eisenhower Academy is committed to providing a positive, nurturing, academically oriented learning environment for all students. Our school focus areas are global studies and the cultural arts.  

Our curriculum is based primarily on Louisiana’s Student Performance Standards that require students to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in grade-level content and skills.  We also integrate multicultural studies and the cultural arts into our lessons.  An emphasis on reading and writing skills is evident across all content areas.  Along with our strong globally-focused academic program, there are many opportunities for our students to learn about technology, the cultural arts, health and wellness.  

The Administrative and Instructional leadership teams will engage with our global scholars in classrooms and hallways from the very start, to assist with the transition to a new school year.  Further, we will talk about and model high expectations, and challenge all students to do what it takes to be successful.  We will address the need for our scholars to demonstrate the “will to succeed” and will emphasize the importance of their faith in themselves, to believe that THEY CAN DO ANYTHING.  

Success is not a matter of luck, but rather the result of planning and organization. Our goal is to provide our global scholars with engaging learning activities daily which require high levels of critical thinking and reasoning accompanied by application of learning to “real-world” situations.  Additionally, our teachers will focus on specific priority skills in each of the content areas that, based on achievement data, need improvement. The Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) is our model for school-wide instructional improvement. Eisenhower teachers participate in job-embedded professional development where they analyze student work and plan collaboratively to ensure student mastery of objectives. Know that our teachers are experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to helping all students reach their full potential.

Parents and guardians, rest assured that you can best support our scholars by checking to make sure that all assignments are completed, staying in contact with teachers via email or telephone, and joining our Parent Organization.  Our PTO needs parent volunteers to support various programs and activities.  The consistent support and encouragement of parents will result in greater success here at our school! 

Let’s make 2017-2018 a stellar year at Eisenhower Academy where Eagles SOAR!

Your admin team,

— Joshua Washington, and Marlon Stewart