Mission & Goals


Eisenhower Academy provides global education through a nurturing environment to promote academic success.

A Focus on Global Studies

Each hall/grade cluster is named after a continent. Each homeroom is represented by a country. The homeroom names allow students to rally around a particular theme in addition to reminding them of diversity, culture, and the importance of exploration. Students will serve as Ambassadors for their countries and collaborate across continents to expand their awareness and appreciation of other cultures. Students in grades 3rd through 8th utilize their passports as means for organization, homework and reminders of school procedures.

Areas of our school are named for the seven continents and are represented as follows:

  • North America – Pre-K/Kindergarten/1st Grade
  • South America – 2nd Grade
  • Asia – 5th/6th Grade
  • Europe – 3rd/4th Grade
  • Africa – 7th/8th Grade
  • Australia – Library/Intervention
  • Antarctica – Cafeteria

School Colors: Red & Blue

School Mascot: Eagles